Medical Cannabis Prescriptions

Connecting people in need of medical cannabis prescriptions and medical cannabis grow licences (Health Canada) with compassionate physicians across Canada.

Steps in the Process

There are four simple steps to securing your prescription. Before you begin the process you will need to provide medical records. Find out all the steps involved in connecting with our physicians to secure your medical cannabis prescription by clicking here. 


(CMCC) is a network of healthcare professionals who provide a fee-based service designed to connect people in need of medical cannabis prescriptions with compassionate physicians all over Canada. We are the industry leader and can provide quick and easy access to your prescription.

Tele-Medicine Canadian Medical Cannabis Consultants


What strains are available? Should I use a vaporizer? Which one should I buy? What’s new in the world of cannabis? It’s easy to find information in a tech-savvy world, but not always easy to navigate through it all once your find it. Our team of professionals can help reduce the “strain” of understanding all the options. 

The staff really know their stuff. They helped me find the right balance of medicine for me. My life has improved so much it’s really amazing. I strongly recommend contacting them with any question you might have. You won’t’ regret it.

Back Pain

Margaret D.

This is a wonder drug and you need the right people to get you the info you need for you. CMCC are great! If you need this medicine you need to talk with the team. Medicial Conditions

Tom K.

Canadian Medical Cannabis Consultants

Medical cannabis prescriptions with compassionate physicians all over Canada.
Offices in Ontario and British Columbia.